The ABC Plus D Approach

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Most people should begin their nutritional programs with a Cleanse.

The D stands for Direct Aid. This is where we get specific. Most of us have one or more body systems that are weaker than the others and could benefit from direct nutritional support. For example, if you suffer from stress or insomnia your nervous system may be in greatest need of direct aid. If you have high blood pressure or circulation problems your circulatory system may need the most help. Sometimes we can even be symptom-free and still have a body system that is in need of support. In such cases the body may be compensating for the weakness, but it is just a matter of time before it is overcome and symptoms appear. In these cases the nutritional support is designed to build the weakened body system before a major problem occurs. This is what prevention is all about.

We have developed a Health Analysis Questionnaire that can help you determine your weakest body systems(s). Once you have determined that, a specific "Key Product" can be included in your nutritional program to support that system. There is a Key Product for each of the body's nine systems. Key Products are vitamin/herbal combinations that support the health of a whole body system, rather than targeting a specific problem or symptom.

Click on Body System for the Key Products for that System:


If you have more than one body system that is need of support. It is usually best to target your worst system first. The body systems are interdependent so improving one often helps others as well. If you wish, you may target two systems at a time. After a few months you can retake the health analysis questionnaire to see what kind of progress you have made. At that time you might decide to target another system instead of, or in addition to, the original system(s).

True or False:
We can be symptom-free and still have weak areas in the body that can benefit from direct nutritional support.


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