The Digestive System
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Medical science has discovered that many stomach problems, including ulcers, are associated with a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) .


A properly functioning digestive system is a prerequisite to good health. Even the healthiest foods and the best nutritional supplements can do us little good if they are not properly digested and assimilated by the body.

Digestive disturbances are very common today, as reflected in the millions of dollars consumers spend on antacids. Unfortunately, these only provide short-term relief and they usually do more harm than good for those who use them habitually.

The good news is there is a better way to handle digestive disturbances. Prudent nutritional supplementation can serve as a great aid to this system, especially the supplementation of enzymes that are removed from our foods during processing and cooking.

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If you have five or more of the following indications, you may consider nutritional aid to the digestive system:

Lack of energy
Body odor and/or bad breath
Difficulty in digesting certain foods
Food allergies
Poor resistance to disease
Belching or gas after meals
Skin/complexion problems
Lack of a balanced diet
Less than 2 bowel movements per day
            Lack of appetite
Brittle or easily broken fingernails
Dry, damaged or dull hair
High-fat diet
Food/chemical sensitivities
Recurrent yeast/fungal infections
Weak bones, teeth or cartilage
Suffer from anxiety or worry

Lifestyle Suggestions:

The key products for the digestive system are Food Enzymes, Proactazyme Plus and PDA Combination.

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