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A Supplement to Natural Health School Lesson 4
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Natural Health Philosophy

Paradigm Shift Essential for Preppers

In Lesson 4, I discussed the importance of making the Paradigm Shift from the medical disease model to the model of natural health. This is even more important for preppers so I reemphasize it here. According to the old model, promoted by Big Pharma with their billions spent each year on propaganda aimed at the people and their rulers, the emphasis is on waiting until a disease occurs before doing anything about it. As more people wake up to the fallacy of the medical model, the medics have been forced to give some lip service to prevention. But their concept of prevention is also seriously flawed, consisting more of early detection rather than true prevention. The Natural Health model focuses on a lifestyle aimed at preventing problems by optimizing health.

As a prepper you are awake to a reality that the masses are led to, or have chosen tom ignore. Preppers can not afford to continue living in the false reality of the flawed medical paradigm.

Choosing a Doctor

There is certainly a place for trauma-oriented medical doctors and trauma centers. If you get shot or are involved in a serious traumatic injury involving bleeding or other damage to the body, they are your best choices. But most of the conditions that people seek medical care for involve chronic and degenerative processes—things like insidious pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.—things that could and should have been prevented in the first place with the correct lifestyle. Medical treatments for these conditions were designed by the Pharma-Control Complex, not to cure anything, but to maximize profits. They discovered that more money could be made by giving people patented drugs that treat the symptoms, the tip of the iceberg, rather than correcting the problem, because that way they have a customer for life! Have you noticed that when someone is put on a high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes drug the patient is told that they will have to take these for the rest of their lives. Is it so hard to see through the scam?

Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. (1926-1988), author of the seminal book Confessions of a Medical Heretic suggested that medical doctors be completely avoided if at all possible, and furthermore you should avoid all routine medical screening tests. He said that the tests usually just find something wrong so that you can be frightened into unnecessary and dangerous medical treatments that you should avoid. I'm not recommending that you ignore problems, simply that you avoid medical doctors, unless you really need one. And then, unless it is an immediate threat such as a gun shot wound, you should think seriously before taking their advice, not hesitating to seek another opinion from another type of practitioner. In his book, Dr. Mendelsohn recommends seeking advice and treatment from alternative health care practitioners such as chiropractors, herbalists, acupuncturists and traditional Chinese medical doctors.

A good example of an alternative health care practitioner is a chiropractor. The word chiropractic, derived from the Greek, literally means to "practice with the hands." In a societal collapse many medical doctors will find themselves lost without access to their prescription drugs, laboratory tests and hospitals. Practitioners like chiropractors will be at home under these conditions, since all they need to practice is their hands.

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