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Read Lesson 5 First: The ABC Plus D Approach

The ABCs for Preppers

First Things First

After getting your spiritual life in order, the next most important thing for a prepper to do is to get their health in order before the disaster or collapse occurs. Natural Health School, particularly the ABC Plus D Approach as discussed in Lesson 5, will help you toward that end. Here are a few additional points for preppers I want to add to this lesson:


I mentioned that sprouts are an excellent way to activate your body's self-healing ability. Sprouts naturally contain many of the enzymes that are contained in the enzyme supplement that I recommend. Sprouting also gives you another way to use the dried beans and seeds that you have in storage, adding enzyme-rich nutrition-packed green foods to your diet. You can eat sprouts raw, for variety, but most of the time you will want to lightly cook them to make them more easily digestable.

You can sprout just about any type of seed or bean and eat them raw or add them to your cooked meals. If you store wheat berries, learn now how to sprout them to make wheat grass! Sprouted wheat berries and wheat grass are much better for you, and are much more easily digested than the other ways that you will consume your wheat berries, even better than grinding them to make bread. Wheat berries contain gluten, which is a difficult protein to digest. Many individuals develop an intolerance to gluten and must avoid it entirely. Often, the more wheat you eat, the more intolerant your body grows to it. So even if you don't have a lot of trouble eating products that contain gluten now, you can develop the problem in the future, especially if wheat ever becomes a major food source, like after a collapse when you break out your wheat storage. I am not a big fan of wheat berries and wheat products, because many people have sub-clinical (below the surface) problems with wheat, including hidden wheat allergies. But with a storage life of practically forever (when stored properly), wheat berries are of course an excellent food to put up for long-term emergency storage. Sprouting your wheat berries will go a long way in adding additional nutrition and variety to your diet, and will help prevent wheat or gluten intolerances that will surely occur if people are ever forced to rely on stored wheat as a primary source of food.

Start sprouting all sorts of seeds and beans now! And store up plenty of seeds to be used just for sprouting when the system goes down!


Building in this context means having the raw materials on hand for when you need them. You probably have stockpiled certain raw materials, like lumber and nails, for an emergency. Likewise, you probably stockpile certain nutritional "building blocks" or supplements for when the system goes down. But one important place to store your nutritional building blocks is right inside your own body, since your body stores many nutrients for use at a later time, especially for times when you might not be getting sufficient quantities in your diet. Most Americans, although over fed, are undernurished when it comes to important vitamins and minerals. So when the system goes down, most will be starting off with a deficiency that will make a bad situation even worse. That is why it is important to make use of your body's internal storage facility by stocking it up now. Taking supplements now will also help you rotate your nutritional supplement stockpile keeping it fresh, because most supplements have a shelf life. This important topic is discussed further in my video here.


If you ever have to "bug out," you will understand the importance of not having to haul around a lot of unnecessary garbage. Likewise, you don't want to haul around a lot of internal garbage, not only because of the additional weight, but even more importantly because of the bad effect that it has on your health and energy level. Cleanse Now, and repeat it every Spring and again every Fall!

Direct Aid

Take care of any health issues now, before the system goes down. If you have specific health issues, learn how to deal with them without drugs if at all possible.

I discuss more on this topic in the supplement to Lesson 9 under the section: "The Common Sense Approach - 10 steps that you can take to regain your health and become your own doctor." If you can't wait click here to go there now.

(Note: The "Survival Doc Says" supplements are under construction and are not yet available for all lessons. I will add them as they are completed.)

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